April 21 2019

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Professions of Faith

We share our testimony's with you in the hope that if you do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, something you read here will lead you to make that decision.  If you have a need that you would like to have lifted up in prayer, please use the contact us page.  We will faithfully lift up your request to the Father.

Lee's Testimony

I was raised in church, walked the aisle and was baptized at the age of seven, but it wasn't until I was 17 years old, during a summer youth trip that I realized I had never truly accepted Christ as my savior.  Throughout the years whenever I have had a crisis of faith, I have reflected back on that summer and God has confirmed His love and my salvation.  I eagerly look forward to the future and to the opportunities that God provides to serve Him.

Becky's Testimony

Being the child of a minister, I was raised in church and always felt that I was saved and going to heaven.  At age 16, during a youth revival led by a group from Fresno, California, I felt the sweet tug of the Holy Spirit's conviction and realized that I wasn't going to make heaven on my parent's salvation...I had to experience my own.  It was then I surrendered my heart to God and asked Him to guide my life.  The summer following that revival (during a family vacation to Albuquerque, NM) I took a sheet of paper and wrote down the sins in my life that God had saved me from, along with anything I felt would keep me from serving God.  I went for a hike in the mountains and built a small campfire alter of rocks and sticks.  I placed the slip of paper on that altar and burned it as a symbolic sacrifice of surrendering my whole life to God.  The memory of the peace I felt on that mountainside has remained with me all my life.  And now, 40 years later; although I've been through many times which have tested my salvation, I know - that I know - that I know - I am HIS CHILD and HE IS MY LORD.

Trudie's Testimony

Every Sunday morning and night, and Tuesday evenings my parents took all three girls and my brother to church. I was baptized at birth, (that was the way is was done in my church) but I accepted the Lord by confession at a Billy Graham revival when I was 16. About 12 years ago, I was baptized again in full knowledge of what it mean to "take the plunge."  My entire life, through troubles thick and thin, my God has been there for me and kept me in His arms.  I am in awe of His great mercy and love, and feel so privileged to now serve Him in this ministry to which He has called me.


Sha's Testimony

When I was too young to tell time or know one day from the next, my mother tells me that every Sunday morning I would crawl into bed with her and my dad. I would “wake” him by patting him on the cheek and saying “Sunny School Daddy, Sunny School”.   My mom could never figure out how I knew it was Sunday and why I woke up early only that day, but I have always loved going to church. There were a few denomination changes along the way, but it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I was truly saved. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to be a part of a singing ministry with these three fantastic women and I am looking forward to God doing great things!